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So I Figured I Should Introduce Myself Instead Of Stalking You All...

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May. 20th, 2008 | 09:31 am
location: HFA Music Library
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posted by: ria_chan in vegasjfashion

Name: Victoria (Ria, Vic, Tori, ect~ Just not Vicki, please.)
Age: Sixteen
Style: Lolita ♥ Mainly sweet, but I'm open to other styles~ I tried Kodona once but I think it was epic fail. I just looked like a little Victorian boy. XD
Favorite Brands: BTSSB, Angelic Pretty, Rakuen, Anna House, h.Naoto
Music: Anything that's not rap or like..."my legs hurt! ... My arms hurt!" with screeching static in the background. My favorite bands are Maroon 5, Better than Ezra, and Everclear, but I'll listen to practically anything. My player probably has too much Hora and Dir en Grey. I'm a fan of Otsuka Ai, Utada Hikaru, and Hamasaki Ayumi. My player also includes things others might consider lame like random Christmas music, random languages that change from reggae to opera, and country. (slapped)
Hobbies: web design, writing, drawing, day-dreaming, chatting, texting, sleeping, cooking, cosplay, the beautifully addicting thing known as LIVEJOURNAL FANDOM, and probably all the secret communities on LJ. :D
MSN: bloodytwistedangel@hotmail.com
AIM: ukechanria
Other: I'm a little shy, but don't hesitate to contact me. I'd really love to meet people in the group. I'm still a little new to J-Fashion so it'd be awesome to get to know you guys. I look forward to meet-ups and anything, really. :)

On a side note, is anybody planning on doing the egl "international" lolita day? (It's the first Saturday of June which is the seventh.) Of course, I personally think it'd be better to have all sorts of fashions there instead of just lolita.

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